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Award Winning Smoked Whole Wookiee Recipe

Ring in the new year with a fantastic pecan smoked whole wookiee.  This recipe will feed approximately 73 people, and never fails to impress.  Buy only from a reputable butcher and make sure your wookiee is fresh.  If you’re a bounty hunter and were lucky enough to bag your own wookiee this year, don’t forget to remove the scent glands before cooking!

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We’re Back!

3 Guys is very excited to announce that we have a new venue for our extremely popular series of culinary smoke, and competition BBQ cooking classes. BBQ 101 through BBQ 106 will start next month, so signup TODAY!
Click, visit, or call 180 Kitchen Design Group in beautiful downtown Jenks to signup.
180 Kitchen & Bath Design Group
Address: 225 E Main St,
Jenks, OK 74037
Phone:(918) 296-3800
This new venue is amazing, and we can host nearly twice as many people, making this series a great activity for friends who love to BBQ and want to learn everything from the basics through the advanced techniques used by the pros, 3 Guys Smokin, with 25 top ten finishes in the American Royal BBQ competiton (the granddaddy of all BBQ comps.) and over 200 national competition awards spanning over 25 years of smokin’.
In this first class, you will learn the ins and outs of flavor profiling, selecting and trimming your meat and other helpful hints that will give you the skills to serve championship level BBQ, every time you cook!
The menu consists of an All-American BBQ – beef briskets, pork ribs, beans, and cole slaw, as well as other dishes. You won’t leave hungry! These classes fill up very fast, so check your calendar and call today!!!